40 CFR § 63.2997 - What are the requirements for monitoring devices?

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§ 63.2997 What are the requirements for monitoring devices?

(a) If you control formaldehyde emissions using a thermal oxidizer, you must meet the requirements in paragraphs (a)(1) and (2) of this section:

(1) Install, calibrate, maintain, and operate a device to monitor and record continuously the thermal oxidizer temperature at the exit of the combustion zone before any substantial heat exchange occurs or at the location consistent with the manufacturer's recommendations.

(2) Continuously monitor the thermal oxidizer temperature and determine and record the average temperature in 15-minute and 3-hour block averages. You may determine the average temperature more frequently than every 15 minutes and every 3 hours, but not less frequently.

(b) If you use process modifications or a control device other than a thermal oxidizer to control formaldehyde emissions, you must install, calibrate, maintain, and operate devices to monitor the parameters established in your OMM plan at the frequency established in the plan.

[67 FR 17835, Apr. 11, 2002, as amended at 84 FR 6694, Feb. 28, 2019]

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