40 CFR § 63.5560 - How do I monitor and collect data to demonstrate continuous compliance?

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§ 63.5560 How do I monitor and collect data to demonstrate continuous compliance?

(a) You must monitor and collect data according to this section.

(b) Except for monitor malfunctions, associated repairs, and required quality assurance or control activities (including, as applicable, calibration checks and required zero and span adjustments), you must monitor continuously (or collect data at all required intervals) at all times that the affected source is operating, including periods of startup, shutdown, and malfunction.

(c) You may not use data recorded during monitoring malfunctions, associated repairs, required quality assurance or control activities, and periods of no flow for all or a portion of an affected source in data averages and calculations used to report emission or operating levels, nor may such data be used in fulfilling a minimum data availability requirement, if applicable. You must use all the data collected during all other periods in assessing the operation of the control device and associated control system.

(d) All terms in this subpart that define a period of time for completing required tasks (e.g., weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually) refer to the standard calendar periods.

(1) You may change time periods specified in this subpart for completing required tasks by mutual agreement with the Administrator, as specified in subpart A of this part. For example, a period could begin on the compliance date or another date, rather than on the first day of the standard calendar period. For each time period that is changed by agreement, the revised period must remain in effect until it is changed. A new request is not necessary for each recurring period.

(2) Where the period specified for compliance is a standard calendar period, if the initial compliance date occurs after the beginning of the period, then you must comply according to the schedule specified in paragraph (d)(2)(i) or (ii) of this section, as appropriate.

(i) You must comply before the end of the standard calendar period within which the compliance deadline occurs, if there remain at least 3 days for tasks that must be performed weekly, at least 2 weeks for tasks that must be performed monthly, at least 1 month for tasks that must be performed quarterly, or at least 3 months for tasks that must be performed annually; or

(ii) In all instances where a provision of this subpart requires completing a task during each of multiple successive periods, you may perform the required task at any time during the specified period, provided that the task is conducted at a reasonable interval after completion of the task during the previous period.

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