40 CFR § 65.166 - Periodic reports.

§ 65.166 Periodic reports.

(a) Periodic reports shall include the reporting period dates, the total source operating time for the reporting period, and, as applicable, all information specified in this section and in other subparts of this part, including reports of periods when monitored parameters are outside their established ranges.

(b) For closed vent systems subject to the requirements of § 65.143, the owner or operator shall submit as part of the periodic report the following information, as applicable:

(1) The information recorded in § 65.163(a)(3)(ii) through (v);

(2) Reports of the times of all periods recorded under § 65.163(a)(1)(i) when the vent stream is diverted from the control device through a bypass line; and

(3) Reports of all times recorded under § 65.163(a)(1)(ii) when maintenance is performed on car-sealed valves, when the seal is broken, when the bypass line valve position is changed, or the key for a lock-and-key type configuration has been checked out.

(c) For flares subject to this subpart, report all periods when all pilot flames were absent or the flare flame was absent as recorded in § 65.159(d)(1).

(d) For storage vessels, the owner or operator shall include in each periodic report required the following information:

(1) For the 6-month period covered by the periodic report, the information recorded in § 65.163(b)(2)(i) through (iii).

(2) For the time period covered by the periodic report and the previous periodic report, the total number of hours that the control system did not meet the requirements of § 65.143(a), § 65.145(a), or § 65.147(a) due to planned routine maintenance.

(3) A description of the planned routine maintenance that is anticipated to be performed for the control system during the next 6-month periodic reporting period when the control system is not expected to meet the required control efficiency. This description shall include the type of maintenance necessary, planned frequency of maintenance, and expected lengths of maintenance periods.

(e) If a nonflare control device, including a halogen reduction device for a low-throughput transfer rack, is used to control emissions from storage vessels or low-throughput transfer racks, the periodic report shall identify and state the cause for each occurrence when the monitored parameters were outside of the parameter ranges documented in the Initial Compliance Status Report in accordance with § 65.165(b).

(f) For process vents and high-throughput transfer racks, periodic reports shall include the following information:

(1) Periodic reports shall include the daily average values of monitored parameters, calculated as specified in § 65.161(c)(1) for any days when the daily average value is outside the bounds as specified in § 65.162(b)(3) or (c)(3), or the data availability requirements defined in § 65.156(d)(1) are not met, whether these excursions are excused or unexcused excursions. For excursions caused by lack of monitoring data, the duration of periods when monitoring data were not collected shall be specified.

(2) Report all carbon-bed regeneration cycles during which the parameters recorded under § 65.162(c)(2) were outside the ranges established in the Initial Compliance Status Report or in the operating permit.

(3) The provisions of paragraphs (f)(1) and (2) of this section do not apply to any low-throughput transfer rack for which the owner or operator has elected to comply with § 65.145, or to any storage vessel for which the owner or operator is not required by the applicable monitoring plan established under § 65.165(c)(1) and (2) to keep continuous records. If continuous records are required, the owner or operator shall specify in the monitoring plan whether the provisions of paragraphs (f)(1) and (2) of this section apply.

(4) If the owner or operator has chosen to use the alternative recordkeeping provisions of § 65.161(e)(1) and has not notified the Administrator in the Initial Compliance Status Report that the alternative recordkeeping provisions are being implemented as provided in § 65.165(e), the owner or operator shall notify the Administrator in the periodic report submitted immediately before implementation of the alternative.