40 CFR § 68.56 - Maintenance.

§ 68.56 Maintenance.

(a) The owner or operator shall prepare and implement procedures to maintain the on-going mechanical integrity of the process equipment. The owner or operator may use procedures or instructions provided by covered process equipment vendors or procedures in Federal or state regulations or industry codes as the basis for stationary source maintenance procedures.

(b) The owner or operator shall train or cause to be trained each employee involved in maintaining the on-going mechanical integrity of the process. To ensure that the employee can perform the job tasks in a safe manner, each such employee shall be trained in the hazards of the process, in how to avoid or correct unsafe conditions, and in the procedures applicable to the employee's job tasks.

(c) Any maintenance contractor shall ensure that each contract maintenance employee is trained to perform the maintenance procedures developed under paragraph (a) of this section.

(d) The owner or operator shall perform or cause to be performed inspections and tests on process equipment. Inspection and testing procedures shall follow recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices. The frequency of inspections and tests of process equipment shall be consistent with applicable manufacturers' recommendations, industry standards or codes, good engineering practices, and prior operating experience.