40 CFR § 725.36 - New information.

§ 725.36 New information.

(a) During the review period, if a submitter possesses, controls, or knows of new information that materially adds to, changes, or otherwise makes significantly more complete the information included in the MCAN or exemption request, the submitter must send that information within 10 days of receiving the new information, but no later than 5 days before the end of the review period. The new information must be sent in the same manner the original notice or exemption was sent, as described in § 725.25(c)(1), (c)(2), and (c)(3).

(b) The new submission must clearly identify the submitter, the MCAN or exemption request to which the new information is related, and the number assigned to that submission by EPA, if known to the submitter.

(c) If the new information becomes available during the last 5 days of the review period, the submitter must immediately inform the EPA contact for that submission by telephone of the new information.

[62 FR 17932, Apr. 11, 1997, as amended at 75 FR 789, Jan. 6, 2010]