40 CFR § 725.54 - Suspension of the review period.

§ 725.54 Suspension of the review period.

(a) A submitter may voluntarily suspend the running of the review period if the Director, or a designee, agrees. If the Director does not agree, the review period will continue to run, and EPA will notify the submitter. A submitter may request a suspension at any time during the review period. The suspension must be for a specified period of time.


(1) Request for suspension. A request for suspension may only be submitted in a manner set forth in this paragraph. The request for suspension also may be made orally, including by telephone, to the submitter's EPA contact for that notice, subject to paragraph (c) of this section.

(2) Submission of suspension notices. EPA will accept requests for suspension only if submitted in accordance with this paragraph. Requests for suspension, must be generated, completed, and submitted to EPA (via CDX) using e-PMN software. See 40 CFR 720.40(a)(2)(ii) for information on how to obtain e-PMN software.

(c) An oral request for suspension may be granted by EPA for a maximum of 15 days only. Requests for longer suspension must only be submitted in the manner set forth in this paragraph.

(d) If the submitter has not made a previous oral request, the running of the notice review period is suspended as of the date of receipt of the CDX submission by EPA.

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