40 CFR § 74.41 - Identifying allowances.

§ 74.41 Identifying allowances.

(a) Identifying allowances. Allowances allocated to an opt-in source will be assigned a serial number that identifies them as being allocated under an opt-in permit.

(b) Submittal of opt-in allowances for auction.

(1) An authorized account representative may offer for sale in the spot auction under § 73.70 of this chapter allowances that are allocated to opt-in sources, if the allowances have a compliance use date earlier than the year in which the spot auction is to be held and if the Administrator has completed the deductions for compliance under § 73.35(b) for the compliance year corresponding to the compliance use date of the offered allowances.

(2) Authorized account representatives may not offer for sale in the advance auctions under § 73.70 of this chapter allowances allocated to opt-in sources.

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