40 CFR § 75.67 - Retired units petitions.

§ 75.67 Retired units petitions.

(a) [Reserved]

(b) For combustion sources seeking to enter the Opt-in Program in accordance with part 74 of this chapter that will be permanently retired and governed upon entry into the Opt-in Program by a thermal energy plan in accordance with § 74.47 of this chapter, an exemption from the requirements of this part, including the requirement to install and certify a continuous emissions monitoring system, may be obtained from the Administrator if the designated representative submits to the Administrator a petition for such an exemption prior to the deadline in § 75.4 by which the continuous emission or opacity monitoring systems must complete the required certification tests.

[60 FR 17131, Apr. 4, 1995, as amended at 60 FR 26541, May 17, 1995; 62 FR 55487, Oct. 24, 1997]