40 CFR § 761.216 - Unmanifested waste report.

§ 761.216 Unmanifested waste report.

(a) If a facility accepts for storage or disposal any PCB waste from an off-site source without an accompanying manifest, or without an accompanying shipping paper as described by § 761.211(e), and the owner or operator of the commercial storage or disposal facility cannot contact the generator of the PCB waste, then he shall notify the Regional Administrator of the EPA region in which his facility is located of the unmanifested PCB waste so that the Regional Administrator can determine whether further actions are required before the owner or operator may store or dispose of the unmanifested PCB waste, and additionally the owner or operator must prepare and submit a letter to the Regional Administrator within 15 days after receiving the waste. The unmanifested waste report must contain the following information:

(1) The EPA identification number, name and address of the facility;

(2) The date the facility received the waste;

(3) The EPA identification number, name and address of the generator and the transporter, if available;

(4) A description and the quantity of each unmanifested PCB waste the facility received;

(5) The method of storage or disposal for each PCB waste;

(6) Signature of the owner or operator of the facility or his authorized representative; and,

(7) A brief explanation of why the waste was unmanifested, if known.

(8) The disposition made of the unmanifested waste by the commercial storage or disposal facility, including:

(i) If the waste was stored or disposed by that facility, was the generator identified and was a manifest subsequently supplied.

(ii) If the waste was sent back to the generator, why and when.

(b) [Reserved]

[77 FR 54834, Sept. 6, 2012]