40 CFR § 791.20 - Initiation of reimbursement proceeding.

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§ 791.20 Initiation of reimbursement proceeding.

(a) When persons subject to a test rule are unable to reach an agreement on the amount or method of reimbursement for test data development as described in TSCA section 4(c)(3)(A), any of them may initiate a proceeding by filing two signed copies of a request for a hearing with a regional office of the American Arbitration Association and mailing a copy of the request to EPA, and to each person from whom they seek reimbursement, or who seeks reimbursement from them.

(b) The request for hearing must contain the following:

(1) The names and addresses of the filing party and its counsel, if any.

(2) Identification of the test rule under which the dispute arose.

(3) A list of the parties from whom reimbursement is sought or who are seeking reimbursement, a brief description of the attempts to reach agreement and a concise explanation of the issues on which the parties are unable to agree.

(c) The request for a hearing shall be accompanied by the appropriate administrative fee, as provided in a current Fee Schedule of the American Arbitration Association.