40 CFR § 82.62 - Definitions.

§ 82.62 Definitions.

For purposes of this subpart:

Chlorofluorocarbon means any substance listed as Class I group I or Class I group III in 40 CFR part 82, appendix A to subpart A.

Class II Substance means any substance designated as class II in 40 CFR part 82, appendix B to subpart A.

Commercial, when used to describe the purchaser of a product, means a person that uses the product in the purchaser's business or sells it to another person and has one of the following identification numbers:

(1) A federal employer identification number;

(2) A state sales tax exemption number;

(3) A local business license number; or

(4) A government contract number.

Consumer, when used to describe a person taking action with regard to a product, means the ultimate purchaser, recipient or user of a product.

Distributor, when used to describe a person taking action with regard to a product means:

(1) The seller of a product to a consumer or another distributor; or

(2) A person who sells or distributes that product in interstate commerce for export from the United States.

Foam Insulation Product, when used to describe a product containing or consisting of plastic foam, means a product containing or consisting of the following types of foam:

(1) Closed cell rigid polyurethane foam;

(2) Closed cell rigid polystyrene boardstock foam;

(3) Closed cell rigid phenolic foam; and

(4) Closed cell rigid polyethylene foam when such foam is suitable in shape, thickness and design to be used as a product that provides thermal insulation around pipes used in heating, plumbing, refrigeration, or industrial process systems.

Hydrochlorofluorocarbon means any substance listed as class II in 40 CFR part 82, appendix B to subpart A.

Initial Inventory means that the original product has completed all of its manufacturing processes and is ready for sale by the manufacturer. Products in initial inventory may be subsequently incorporated into another product by a different manufacturer after purchase. To continue selling products after the effective date of the provisions, the manufacturer or distributor must be able to show, upon request by EPA, that the product was in fact manufactured, and thus placed into initial inventory prior to the effective date. Shipping forms, lot numbers, manufacturer date stamps or codes, invoices, or the like are normally kept records that could be maintained from the time the product was put into initial inventory and may be used to demonstrate when a product was placed in initial inventory.

Polyurethane Foam System means an item consisting of two transfer pumps that deliver ingredients (polyisocyanate or isocyanate from one side and a mixture including the blowing agent, catalysts, flame retardants, and/or stabilizers from the other side) to a metering/mixing device which allows the components to be delivered in the appropriate proportions.

Product means an item or category of items manufactured from raw or recycled materials which is used to perform a function or task.

Release means to emit into the environment during the manufacture, use, storage or disposal of a product.

Space Vehicles means a man-made device, either manned or unmanned, designed for operation beyond earth's atmosphere. This definition includes integral equipment such as models, mock-ups, prototypes, molds, jigs, tooling, hardware jackets, and test coupons. Also included is auxiliary equipment associated with test, transport, and storage, which through contamination can compromise the space vehicle performance.

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