40 CFR § 85.1504 - Conditional admission.

§ 85.1504 Conditional admission.

(a) A motor vehicle or motor vehicle engine offered for importation under § 85.1505, § 85.1509 or § 85.1512 may be conditionally admitted into the United States, but shall be refused final admission unless:

(1) At the time of conditional admission, the importer has submitted to the Administrator a written report that the subject vehicle or engine has been permitted conditional admission pending EPA approval of its application for final admission under § 85.1505, § 85.1509, or § 85.1512. This written report shall contain the following:

(i) Identification of the importer of the vehicle or engine and the importer's address and telephone number;

(ii) Identification of the vehicle or engine owner and the vehicle or engine owner's address, telephone number and taxpayer identification number;

(iii) Identification of the vehicle or engine;

(iv) Information indicating under what provision of these regulations the vehicle or engine is to be imported;

(v) Identification of the place where the subject vehicle or engine will be stored until EPA approval of the importer's application to the Administrator for final admission;

(vi) Authorization for EPA Enforcement Officers to conduct inspections or testing otherwise permitted by the Act or regulations thereunder;

(vii) Identification, where applicable, of the certificate by means of which the vehicle is being imported;

(viii) The original production year of the vehicle; and

(ix) Such other information as is deemed necessary by the Administrator.

(b) Such conditional admission shall not be under bond for a vehicle or engine which is imported under § 85.1505 or § 85.1509. A bond will be required for a vehicle or engine imported under applicable provisions of § 85.1512. The period of conditional admission shall not exceed 120 days. During this period, the importer shall store the vehicle or engine at a location where the Administrator will have reasonable access to the vehicle or engine for his/her inspection.

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