40 CFR § 85.1512 - Admission of catalyst and O2 sensor-equipped vehicles.

§ 85.1512 Admission of catalyst and O2 sensor-equipped vehicles.


(1) Notwithstanding other provisions of this subpart, any person may conditionally import a vehicle which:

(i) Was covered by a certificate of conformity at the time of original manufacture or had previously been admitted into the United States under § 85.1505 or § 85.1509 (after June 30, 1988).

(ii) Was certified, or previously admitted under § 85.1505 or § 85.1509 (after June 30, 1988), with a catalyst emission control system and/or O2 sensor;

(iii) Is labeled in accordance with 40 CFR part 86, subpart A or subpart S, or, where applicable, § 85.1510(c); and

(iv) Has been driven outside the United States, Canada and Mexico or such other countries as EPA may designate.

(2) Such vehicle must be entered under bond pursuant to 19 CFR 12.73 unless it is included in a catalyst and O2 sensor control program approved by the Administrator upon such terms as may be deemed appropriate. Catalyst and O2 sensor programs conducted by manufacturers may be approved each model year.

(b) For the purpose of this section, “catalyst and O2 sensor control program” means a program instituted and maintained by a manufacturer, or any U.S. Government Agency for the purpose of preservation, replacement, or initial installation of catalytic converters and cleaning and/or replacement of O2 sensors and, if applicable, restricted fuel filler inlets.

(c) For the purpose of this section, “driven outside the United States, Canada and Mexico” does not include mileage accumulated on vehicles solely under the control of manufacturers of new motor vehicles or engines for the purpose of vehicle testing and adjustment, and preparation for shipment to the United States.

(d) Vehicles conditionally imported pursuant to this section and under bond must be modified in accordance with the certificate of conformity applicable at the time of manufacture. In the case of vehicles previously imported under § 85.1509 or § 85.1504 (prior to July 1, 1988), the replacement catalyst and O2 sensor, if applicable, must be equivalent (in terms of emission reduction) to the original catalyst and O2 sensor. Such vehicles may be granted final admission upon application to the Administrator, on forms specified by the Administrator. Such application shall contain the information required in § 85.1504(a)(1) (i) through (v) and shall contain both an attestation by a qualified mechanic that the catalyst has been replaced and the O2 sensor has been replaced, if necessary, and that both parts are functioning properly, and a copy of the invoice for parts and labor.

[52 FR 36156, Sept. 25, 1987, as amended at 64 FR 23919, May 4, 1999]