40 CFR § 85.2107 - Warranty remedy.

§ 85.2107 Warranty remedy.

(a) The manufacturer's obligation under the emission performance warranty shall be to make all adjustments, repairs or replacements necessary to assure that the vehicle complies with applicable emission standards of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, that it will continue to comply for the remainder of its useful life (if proper maintenance and operation are continued), and that it will operate in a safe manner. The manufacturer shall bear all costs incurred as a result of the above obligation, except that after the first 24 months or 24,000 miles (whichever first occurs) the manufacturer shall be responsible only for:

(1) The adjustment, repair or replacement of those components which have been installed in or on a vehicle for the sole or primary purpose of reducing vehicle emissions, and which were not in general use prior to model year 1968; and

(2) All other components which must be adjusted, repaired or replaced to enable a component repaired or replaced under paragraph (a)(1) of this section to perform properly.

(b) Under the Emissions Performance Warranty, the manufacturer shall be liable for the total cost of the remedy for any vehicle validly presented for repair to any authorized service facility authorized by the vehicle manufacturer. State or local limitations as to the extent of the penalty or sanction imposed upon an owner of a failed vehicle shall have no bearing on this liability.

(c) The remedy provided under paragraph (a) of this section shall include the repair or replacement of certified parts as required in § 85.2105(a). To seek reimbursement from the involved certified aftermarket part manufacturer for reasonable expenses incurred due to the certified aftermarket parts determined to be the cause of a performance warranty failure, the vehicle manufacturer must:

(1) Retain all parts replaced during the performance warranty repair, and

(2) Follow the procedures laid out in § 85.2117.

(d) If a manufacturer is unable (for reasons not attributable to the vehicle owner or events beyond the control of the vehicle manufacturer or an authorized repair facility) to repair a vehicle within the time period specified under § 85.2106(d) after the initial presentation of the vehicle to an authorized repair facility, then the owner shall be entitled to have the warranty remedy performed, at the expense of the manufacturer, by any repair facility of the owner's choosing.

(e) The vehicle manufacturer may deny warranty for a failure caused by an uncertified part in accordance with the criteria in § 85.2105.

[45 FR 34839, May 22, 1980, as amended at 54 FR 32588, Aug. 8, 1989]

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