40 CFR § 85.2109 - Inclusion of warranty provisions in owners' manuals and warranty booklets.

§ 85.2109 Inclusion of warranty provisions in owners' manuals and warranty booklets.

(a) A manufacturer shall furnish with each new motor vehicle, a full explanation of the Emission Performance Warranty, including at a minimum the following information:

(1) A basic statement of the coverage of the emissions performance warranty as set out in § 85.2103. This shall be separated from any other warranty given by the manufacturer and shall be prefaced by the title “Emissions Performance Warranty” set in bold face type; and

(2) A list of all items which are covered by the emission performance warranty for the full useful life of the vehicle. This list shall contain all components which have been installed in or on a vehicle solely or primarily for the purpose of reducing vehicle emissions, except those components which were in general use prior to model year 1968. All items listed pursuant to this subsection shall be described in the same manner as they are likely to be described on a service facility work receipt for that vehicle; and

(3) A list or a reference to the location of the instructions for proper maintenance and use, together with the time and/or mileage interval at which such instructions are to be performed; and

(4) An explanation of the effect that the use of certified parts will have on the emission performance warranty. This explanation shall comport with the provisions of § 85.2105 (b) and (c), including a statement in boldface type that maintenance, replacement, or repair of the emission control devices and systems may be performed by any automotive repair establishment or individual using any certified part; and

(5) Complete instructions as to when and how an owner may bring a claim under the emissions performance warranty, as governed by §§ 85.2104 and 85.2106. These instructions shall include:

(i) An explanation of the point in time at which a claim may be raised; and

(ii) Complete procedures as to the manner in which a claim may be raised; and

(iii) The provisions for manufacturer liability contained in § 85.2106(f) if the manufacturer fails to respond within the time period set in accordance with § 85.2106(d);

(6) An explanation that an owner may obtain further information concerning the emission performance warranty or that an owner may report violations of the terms of the Emission Performance Warranty by contacting the Designated Compliance Officer as specified at 40 CFR 1068.30 (Attention: Warranty Claim).

(b) The warranty information shall be provided in the same document as other warranties provided with the vehicle.

(c) If a separate warranty booklet is provided with the vehicle, the owner's manual shall contain, at a minimum, the following information:

(1) A general list of all warranties covering the vehicle; and

(2) A statement that detailed warranty information can be found in the warranty booklet.

(d) If a separate warranty booklet is not provided with the vehicle, the information specified in paragraph (a) of this section shall be contained in the owner's manual.

[45 FR 34839, May 22, 1980, as amended at 58 FR 65554, Dec. 15, 1993; 81 FR 73973, Oct. 25, 2016]

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