40 CFR § 85.2223 - Onboard diagnostic test report.

§ 85.2223 Onboard diagnostic test report.

(a) Motorists whose vehicles fail the OBD test described in § 85.2222 shall be provided with the OBD test results, including the codes retrieved, the name of the component or system associated with each DTC, the status of the MIL illumination command, and the customer alert statement as stated in paragraph (b) of this section.

(b) In addition to any codes that were retrieved, the test report shall include the following language:

Your vehicle's computerized self-diagnostic system (OBD) registered the faults listed below. The faults are probably an indication of a malfunction of an emission component. However, multiple and/or seemingly unrelated faults may be an indication of an emission-related problem that occurred previously, but upon further evaluation by the OBD system was determined to be only temporary. Therefore, proper diagnosis by a qualified technician is required to positively identify the source of any emission-related problem.