40 CFR § 86.092-2 - Definitions.

§ 86.092-2 Definitions.

The definitions of § 86.091-2 remain effective. The definitions listed in this section apply beginning with the 1992 model year.

(a) Proven emission control systems are emission control components or systems (and fuel metering systems) that have completed full durability testing evaluation over a vehicle's useful life in some other certified engine family, or have completed bench or road testing demonstrated to be equal or more severe than certification mileage accumulation requirements. Alternatively, proven components or systems are those that are determined by EPA to be of comparable functional quality and manufactured using comparable materials and production techniques as components or systems which have been durability demonstrated in some other certified engine family. In addition, the components or systems must be employed in an operating environment (e.g., temperature, exhaust flow, etc.,) similar to that experienced by the original or comparable components or systems in the original certified engine family.

(b) Unproven emission control systems are emission control components or systems (and fuel metering systems) that do not qualify as proven emission control systems.

(c) Similar systems are engine, fuel metering and emission control system combinations which use the same fuel (e.g., gasoline, diesel, etc.), combustion cycle (i.e., two or four stroke), general type of fuel system (i.e., carburetor or fuel injection), catalyst system (e.g., none, oxidization, three-way plus oxidization, three-way only, etc.), fuel control system (i.e., feedback or non-feedback), secondary air system (i.e., equipped or not equipped) and EGR (i.e., equipped or not equipped).

(d) Conveniently available service facility and spare parts for small-volume manufacturers means that the vehicle manufacturer has a qualified service facility at or near the authorized point of sale or delivery of its vehicles and maintains an inventory of all emission-related spare parts or has made arrangements for the part manufacturers to supply the parts by expedited shipment (e.g., utilizing overnight express delivery service, UPS, etc.).

[55 FR 7187, Feb. 28, 1990]