40 CFR § 86.125-94 - Methane analyzer calibration.

§ 86.125-94 Methane analyzer calibration.

Prior to introduction into service and monthly thereafter, the methane analyzer shall be calibrated:

(a) Follow the manufacturer's instructions for instrument startup and operation. Adjust the analyzer to optimize performance.

(b) Zero the methane analyzer with zero-grade air.

(c) Calibrate on each normally used operating range with CH4 in air with nominal concentrations of 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90 percent of that range. Additional calibration points may be generated. For each range calibrated, if the deviation from a least-squares best-fit straight line is 2 percent or less of the value at each data point, concentration values may be calculated by use of a single calibration factor for that range. If the deviation exceeds 2 percent at any point, the best-fit non-linear equation which represents the data to within 2 percent of each test point shall be used to determine concentration.

[56 FR 25774, June 5, 1991]