40 CFR § 86.131-96 - Vehicle preparation.

§ 86.131-96 Vehicle preparation.

(a) For gasoline- and methanol-fueled vehicles prepare the fuel tank(s) for recording the temperature of the prescribed test fuel, as described in § 86.107-96(e).

(b) Provide additional fittings and adapters, as required, to accommodate a fuel drain at the lowest point possible in the tank(s) as installed on the vehicle.

(c) For preconditioning that involves loading the evaporative emission canister(s) with butane, provide valving or other means as necessary to allow purging and loading of the canister(s).

(d) For vehicles to be tested for running loss emissions, prepare the fuel tank(s) for measuring and recording the temperature and pressure of the fuel tank as specified in § 86.107-96 (e) and (f). Measurement of vapor temperature is optional during the running loss test. If vapor temperature is not measured, fuel tank pressure need not be measured.

(e) For vehicles to be tested for running loss emissions, prepare the exhaust system by sealing or plugging all detectable sources of exhaust gas leaks. The exhaust system shall be tested or inspected to ensure that detectable exhaust hydrocarbons are not emitted into the running loss enclosure during the running loss test.

(f) For vehicles to be tested for aggressive driving emissions (US06), provide a throttle position sensing signal that is compatible with the test dynamometer. This signal provides the input information that controls dynamometer dynamic inertia weight adjustments (see §§ 86.108-00(b)(2)(ii) and 86.129-00(f)(2)). If a manufacturer chooses not to implement dynamic inertia adjustments for a portion or all of their product line, this requirement is not applicable.

(g) You may disable any AECDs that have been approved solely for emergency vehicle applications under paragraph (4) of the definition of defeat device in § 86.1803. The emission standards do not apply when any of these AECDs are active.

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