40 CFR § 86.155-98 - Records required; refueling test.

§ 86.155-98 Records required; refueling test.

The following information shall be recorded with respect to each test:

(a) Test number.

(b) System or device tested (brief description).

(c) Date and time of day.

(d) Instrument operated.

(e) Operator.

(f) Vehicle: ID number, manufacturer, model year, engine family, evaporative/refueling emission family, refueling emission control system, refueling emissions canister continuous drive purge miles and number of UDDSs driven for non-integrated systems, fuel system (including fuel tank(s) capacity and location), basic engine description (including displacement, number of cylinders, turbocharger (if used), and catalyst usage), engine code, and odometer reading.

(g) All pertinent instrument information including nozzle and fuel delivery system description. As an alternative, a reference to a vehicle test cell number may be used, with advance approval of the Administrator, provided test cell calibration records show the pertinent instrument information.

(h) Recorder charts: Identify zero, span, and enclosure gas sample traces.

(i) Enclosure barometric pressure and ambient temperature: a central laboratory barometer may be used, provided that individual test cell barometric pressures are shown to be within ±0.1 percent of the barometric pressure at the central barometer location.

(j) Temperatures: Soak area; dispensed fuel, initial and final.

(k) Fuel dispensing rate(s).

(l) Dispensed fuel volume.

(m) For methanol-fueled vehicles:

(1) Volume of sample passed through the methanol sampling system and the volume of deionized water in each impinger.

(2) The methanol concentration in the reference sample and the peak area from the GC analysis of the reference sample.

(3) The peak area of the GC analyses of the test samples (methanol).

(n) All additional information necessary for the calculations specified in § 86.156-98.

[59 FR 16300, Apr. 6, 1994]