40 CFR § 86.402-78 - Definitions.

§ 86.402-78 Definitions.

(a) The definitions in this section apply to this subpart and also to subpart F.

Act means part A of title II of the Clean Air Act, 42 U.S.C. 1857 f-1 through f-7, as amended by Pub. L. 91-604.

Administrator means the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency or his authorized representative.

Class, see § 86.419.

Crankcase emissions means airborne substances emitted to the atmosphere from any portion of the engine crankcase ventilation or lubrication systems.

Curb mass means the actual or manufacturer's estimated mass of the vehicle with fluids at nominal capacity and with all equipment specified by the Administrator.

Displacement, and Displacement Class, see § 86.419.

Engine family means the basic classification unit of a manufacturer's product line used for the purpose of test fleet selection and determined in accordance with § 86.420.

Engine-displacement-system combination means an engine family-displacement-emission control system combination.

EPA Enforcement Officer means any officer or employee of the Environmental Protection Agency so designated in writing by the Administrator (or by his designee).

Exhaust emissions means substances emitted to the atmosphere from any opening downstream from the exhaust port of a motor vehicle engine.

Fuel system means the combination of fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel lines, oil injection metering system, and carburetor or fuel injection components, and includes all fuel system vents.

Loaded vehicle mass means curb mass plus 80 kg (176 lb.), average driver mass.

Model year means the manufacturer's annual production period (as determined by the Administrator) which includes January first of such calendar year. If the manufacturer has no annual production period, the term model year shall mean the calendar year.

Motorcycle means any motor vehicle with a headlight, taillight, and stoplight and having: Two wheels, or Three wheels and a curb mass less than or equal to 680 kilograms (1499 pounds).

Oxides of nitrogen means the sum of the nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide contained in a gas sample as if the nitric oxide were in the form of nitrogen dioxide.

Round has the meaning given in 40 CFR 1065.1001, unless otherwise specified.

Scheduled maintenance means any adjustment, repair, removal, disassembly, cleaning, or replacement of vehicle components or systems which is performed on a periodic basis to prevent part failure or vehicle malfunction, or anticipated as necessary to correct an overt indication of vehicle malfunction or failure for which periodic maintenance is not appropriate.

Span gas means a gas of known concentration which is used routinely to set the output level of any analyzer.

System includes any motor vehicle modification which controls or causes the reduction of substances emitted from motor vehicles.

Total test distance is defined for each class of motorcycles in § 86.427-78.

Useful life is defined for each class (see § 86.419) of motorcycle:

Class I - 5.0 years or 12,000 km (7,456 miles), whichever first occurs.
Class II - 5.0 years or 18,000 km (11,185 miles), whichever first occurs.
Class III - 5.0 years or 30,000 km (18,641 miles), whichever first occurs.

Unscheduled maintenance means any inspection, adjustment, repair, removal, disassembly, cleaning, or replacement of vehicle components or systems which is performed to correct or diagnose a part failure or vehicle malfunction which was not anticipated.

Zero kilometers means that point after normal assembly line operations and adjustments, after normal dealer setup and preride inspection operations have been completed, and before 100 kilometers of vehicle operation of three hours of engine operation have been accumulated, including emission testing if performed.

(b) [Reserved]

[42 FR 1126, Jan. 5, 1977, as amended at 42 FR 56737, Oct. 28, 1977; 49 FR 48138, Dec. 10, 1984; 81 FR 73979, Oct. 25, 2016]

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