40 CFR § 86.884-5 - Test procedures.

§ 86.884-5 Test procedures.

The procedures described in this and subsequent sections will be the test program to determine the conformity of engines with the standards set forth in § 86.084-11(b).

(a) The test consists of a prescribed sequence of engine operating conditions on an engine dynamometer with continuous examination of the exhaust gases. The test is applicable equally to controlled engines equipped with means for preventing, controlling, or eliminating smoke emissions and to uncontrolled engines.

(b) The test is designed to determine the opacity of smoke in exhaust emissions during those engine operating conditions which tend to promote smoke from diesel vehicles.

(c) The test procedure begins with a preconditioned engine which is then run through preloading and preconditioning operations. After an idling period, the engine is operated through acceleration and lugging modes during which smoke emission measurements are made to compare with the standards. The engine is then returned to the idle condition and the acceleration and lugging modes are repeated. Three consecutive sequences of acceleration and lugging constitutes the full set of operating conditions for smoke emission measurement.


(1) Except in cases of component mulfunction or failure, all emission control systems installed on, or incorporated in, a new motor vehicle engine shall be functioning during all procedures in this subpart.

(2) Maintenance to correct component malfunction or failure shall be authorized in accordance with § 86.084-25.

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