40 CFR § 88.310-94 - Applicability to covered Federal fleets.

§ 88.310-94 Applicability to covered Federal fleets.

(a) Compliance by Federal vehicles. As per section 258(a) of the Act, fleets owned or operated by any agency, department, or instrumentality of the United States shall comply with the applicable state regulations concerning CFFVs established in the SIP revision. Such fleets shall be treated in the same manner as private or other government fleets under the applicable state regulations.

(1) Federal agencies shall obtain CFFVs from original equipment manufacturers, to the extent possible, as required under section 248 of the CAA.

(2) The Secretary of Defense may exempt any vehicle(s) from the provisions of any CFFV credit program established in the SIP revision by certifying to the Administrator in writing that inclusion of the specified vehicle(s) in such a program could have an adverse impact on the national security. The Secretary of Defense shall also provide a copy of this statement of exemption to the state agency administering the CFFV credit program in the covered area in which the specified vehicle(s) is registered/operated.

(b) [Reserved]

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