40 CFR § 98.216 - Data reporting requirements.

§ 98.216 Data reporting requirements.

In addition to the information required by § 98.3(c), each annual report must contain the information specified in paragraphs (a) through (g) of this section at the facility level, as applicable.

(a) Annual CO2 emissions from miscellaneous carbonate use (metric tons).

(b) [Reserved]

(c) Measurement method used to determine the mass of carbonate.

(d) Method used to calculate emissions.

(e) If you followed the calculation method of § 98.213(a), you must report the information in paragraphs (e)(1) through (3) of this section.

(1)-(2) [Reserved]

(3) If you determined the calcination fraction, indicate which standard method was used.

(f) [Reserved]

(g) Number of times in the reporting year that missing data procedures were followed to measure carbonate consumption, carbonate input or carbonate output (months).

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