40 CFR Appendix I to Part 1068 - Emission-Related Components

Appendix I to Part 1068 - Emission-Related Components

This appendix specifies emission-related components that we refer to for describing such things as emission-related warranty or requirements related to rebuilding engines. Note that inclusion of a component in Section III of this Appendix does not make it an emission-related component for engines/equipment that are not subject to evaporative emission standards.

I. For exhaust emissions, emission-related components include any engine parts related to the following systems:

1. Air-induction system.

2. Fuel system.

3. Ignition system.

4. Exhaust gas recirculation systems.

II. The following parts are also considered emission-related components for exhaust emissions:

1. Aftertreatment devices.

2. Crankcase ventilation valves.

3. Sensors.

4. Electronic control units.

III. The following parts are considered emission-related components for evaporative emissions:

1. Fuel Tank.

2. Fuel Cap.

3. Fuel Line.

4. Fuel Line Fittings.

5. Clamps*.

6. Pressure Relief Valves*.

7. Control Valves*.

8. Control Solenoids*.

9. Electronic Controls*.

10. Vacuum Control Diaphragms*.

11. Control Cables*.

12. Control Linkages*.

13. Purge Valves.

14. Vapor Hoses.

15. Liquid/Vapor Separator.

16. Carbon Canister.

17. Canister Mounting Brackets.

18. Carburetor Purge Port Connector.

*As related to the evaporative emission control system.

IV. Emission-related components also include any other part whose primary purpose is to reduce emissions or whose failure would commonly increase emissions without significantly degrading engine/equipment performance.

[73 FR 59344, Oct. 8, 2008, as amended at 81 FR 74235, Oct. 25, 2016]

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