40 CFR Part 268, Appendix VI to Part 268 - Recommended Technologies To Achieve Deactivation of Characteristics in Section 268.42

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Appendix VI to Part 268—Recommended Technologies To Achieve Deactivation of Characteristics in Section 268.42
The treatment standard for many characteristic wastes is stated in the § 268.40 Table of Treatment Standards as “Deactivation and meet UTS.” EPA has determined that many technologies, when used alone or in combination, can achieve the deactivation portion of the treatment standard. Characteristic wastes that are not managed in a facility regulated by the Clean Water Act (CWA) or in a CWA-equivalent facility, and that also contain underlying hazardous constituents (see § 268.2(i)) must be treated not only by a “deactivating” technology to remove the characteristic, but also to achieve the universal treatment standards (UTS) for underlying hazardous constituents. The following appendix presents a partial list of technologies, utilizing the five letter technology codes established in 40 CFR 268.42 Table 1, that may be useful in meeting the treatment standard. Use of these specific technologies is not mandatory and does not preclude direct reuse, recovery, and/or the use of other pretreatment technologies, provided deactivation is achieved and underlying hazardous constituents are treated to achieve the UTS.
Waste code/subcategory Nonwastewaters Wastewaters
Note: “n.a.” stands for “not applicable”; “fb.” stands for “followed by”.
D001 Ignitable Liquids based on 261.21(a)(1)—Low TOC Nonwastewater Subcategory (containing 1% to <10% TOC) RORGSINCINWETOXCHOXDBIODG n.a.
D001 Ignitable Liquids based on 261.21(a)(1)—Ignitable Wastewater Subcategory (containing <1% TOC) n.a. RORGSINCINWETOXCHOXDBIODG
D001 Compressed Gases based on 261.21(A)(3) RCGASINCINFSUBSADGAS fb. INCINADGAS fb. (CHOXD; or CHRED) n.a.
D001 Ignitable Reactives based on 261.21(a)(2) WTRRXCHOXDCHREDSTABLINCIN n.a.
D001 Ignitable Oxidizers based on 261.21(a)(4) CHREDINCIN CHREDINCIN
D002 Acid Subcategory based on 261.22(a)(1) with pH less than or equal to 2 RCORRNEUTRINCIN NEUTRINCIN
D002 Alkaline Subcategory based on 261.22(a)(1) with pH greater than or equal to 12.5 NEUTRINCIN NEUTRINCIN
D002 Other Corrosives based on 261.22(a)(2) CHOXDCHREDINCINSTABL CHOXDCHREDINCIN
D003 Water Reactives based on 261.23(a) (2), (3), and (4) INCINWTRRXCHOXDCHRED n.a.
D003 Reactive Sulfides based on 261.23(a)(5) CHOXDCHREDINCINSTABL CHOXDCHREDBIODGINCIN
D003 Explosives based on 261.23(a) (6), (7), and (8) INCINCHOXDCHRED INCINCHOXDCHREDBIODGCARBN
K044 Wastewater treatment sludges from the manufacturing and processing of explosives CHOXDCHREDINCIN CHOXDCHREDBIODGCARBNINCIN
K045 Spent carbon from the treatment of wastewaters containing explosives CHOXDCHREDINCIN CHOXDCHREDBIODGCARBNINCIN
[55 FR 22714, June 1, 1990, as amended at 62 FR 26025, May 12, 1997]

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