40 CFR Part 94, Appendix I to Part 94 - Emission-Related Engine Parameters and Specifications

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Appendix I to Part 94—Emission-Related Engine Parameters and Specifications
I. Basic Engine Parameters—Reciprocating Engines.
1. Compression ratio.
2. Type of air aspiration (natural, Roots blown, supercharged, turbocharged).
3. Valves (intake and exhaust).
a. Head diameter dimension.
b. Valve lifter or actuator type and valve lash dimension.
4. Camshaft timing.
a. Valve opening—intake exhaust (degrees from TDC or BDC).
b. Valve closing—intake exhaust (degrees from TDC or BDC).
c. Valve overlap (degrees).
5. Ports—two stroke engines (intake and/or exhaust).
a. Flow area.
b. Opening timing (degrees from TDC or BDC).
c. Closing timing (degrees from TDC or BDC).
II. Intake Air System.
1. Roots blower/supercharger/turbocharger calibration.
2. Charge air cooling.
a. Type (air-to-air; air-to-liquid).
b. Type of liquid cooling (engine coolant, dedicated cooling system).
c. Performance (charge air delivery temperature (°F) at rated power and one other power level under ambient conditions of 80 °F and 110 °F, and 3 minutes and 15 minutes after selecting rated power, and 3 minutes and 5 minutes after selecting other power level).
3. Temperature control system calibration.
4. Maximum allowable inlet air restriction.
III. Fuel System.
1. General.
a. Engine idle speed.
2. Fuel injection—compression ignition engines.
a. Control parameters and calibrations.
b. Transient enrichment system calibration.
c. Air-fuel flow calibration.
d. Altitude compensation system calibration.
e. Operating pressure(s).
f. Injector timing calibration.
IV. Engine Cooling System.
1. Thermostat calibration.
V. Exhaust System.
1. Maximum allowable back pressure.
VI. Exhaust Emission Control System.
1. Air injection system.
a. Control parameters and calibrations.
b. Pump flow rate.
2. EGR system.
a. Control parameters and calibrations.
b. EGR valve flow calibration.
3. Catalytic converter system.
a. Active surface area.
b. Volume of catalyst.
c. Conversion efficiency.
4. Backpressure.
VII. Crankcase Emission Control System.
1. Control parameters and calibrations.
2. Valve calibrations.
VIII. Auxiliary Emission Control Devices (AECD).
1. Control parameters and calibrations.
2. Component calibration(s).

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