41 CFR 101-26.602-2 - Procurement of packaged petroleum products.

§ 101-26.602-2 Procurement of packaged petroleum products.

(a) Packaged petroleum products listed in Federal Supply Catalog for Civil Agencies shall be obtained by submitting requisitions prepared in accordance with the FEDSTRIP Operating Guide (FPMR 101-26.2) to the Defense General Supply Center (DGSC), Richmond, Va. 23297, using routing identifier code S9G. The Federal Supply Catalog for Civil Agencies may be obtained, upon written request, from the Commander, Defense Logistics Services Center, Attn: DLSC-T, Battle Creek, Mich. 49016. Requisitions for packaged petroleum items not in this catalog and not otherwise included in Defense Fuel Supply Center (DFSC) procurements under the provisions of § 101-26.602-1 may be submitted to DGSC. DGSC will supply the items from inventory or will refer the requisitions to DFSC for purchase and direct delivery to the requisitioner. Packaged petroleum items may be obtained from other Federal activities by agreement with the activity concerned or by local purchase when such action is authorized under the provisions of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) local purchase policy contained in paragraph (b) of this section.

(b) Activities may effect local purchase of any DLA-managed, centrally procured item, commercially available, provided the purchase:

(1) Is limited to immediate-use requirements generated by emergency conditions (e.g., work stoppage, etc.), or

(2) Is to satisfy a routine requirement having a total line value not in excess of $25 and is determined to be the most economical method of supply.

(c) DGSC may return requisitions for local purchase action citing FEDSTRIP/MILSTRIP status code CW with the concurrence of the requisitioning activity when it is deemed that a local purchase action would be the most economical method of supply. A determination will be based on recognition of excessive costs (procurement, transportation/shipping, and special packaging considerations) as compared to those costs associated with local purchase action. Requisition priorities, backorder situations, procurement and required delivery dates (PDD/RDD), and requisition line item dollar values shall not be a basis or consideration for a Status Code CW reject action. Requisitions from overseas activities will not be returned to overseas activities for a local purchase action.

[ 37 FR 668, Jan. 15, 1972, as amended at 42 FR 58748, Nov. 11, 1977]