41 CFR § 101-39.401 - Reporting of accidents.

§ 101-39.401 Reporting of accidents.

(a) The operator of the vehicle is responsible for notifying the following persons immediately, either in person, by telephone, or by facsimile machine of any accident in which the vehicle may be involved:

(1) The manager of the GSA IFMS fleet management center issuing the vehicle;

(2) The employee's supervisor; and

(3) State, county, or municipal authorities, as required by law.

(b) In addition, the vehicle operator shall obtain and record information pertaining to the accident on Standard Form 91, Motor Vehicle Accident Report. Only one copy of the Standard Form 91 is required. When completed, the Standard Form 91 shall be given to the vehicle operator's supervisor. The vehicle operator shall also obtain the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any witnesses and, wherever possible, have witnesses complete Standard Form 94, Statement of Witness, and give the completed Standard Form 94 and other related information to his or her supervisor. The vehicle operator shall make no statements as to the responsibility for the accident except to his or her supervisor or to a Government investigating officer.

(c) Whenever a vehicle operator is injured and cannot comply with the above requirements, the agency to which the vehicle is issued shall report the accident to the State, county, or municipal authorities as required by law, notify the GSA IFMS fleet manager of the center issuing the vehicle as soon as possible after the accident, and complete and process Standard Form 91. A complete copy of the accident report shall be forwarded to the appropriate GSA office as outlined in the vehicle operator's packet.

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