41 CFR § 102-3.20 - How does this part meet the needs of its audience?

§ 102-3.20 How does this part meet the needs of its audience?

This Federal Advisory Committee Management part meets the general and specific needs of its audience by addressing the following issues and related topics:

(a) Scope and applicability. This part provides guidance on the threshold issue of what constitutes an advisory committee and clarifies the limits of coverage by the Act for the benefit of the intended users of this part.

(b) Policies and guidelines. This part defines the policies, establishes minimum requirements, and provides guidance to Federal officers and agencies for the establishment, operation, administration, and duration of advisory committees subject to the Act. This includes reporting requirements that keep Congress and the public informed of the number, purpose, membership, activities, benefits, and costs of these advisory committees. These requirements form the basis for implementing the Act at both the agency and Governmentwide levels.

(c) Examples and principles. This part provides summary-level key points and principles at the end of each subpart that provide more clarification on the role of Federal advisory committees in the larger context of public involvement in Federal decisions and activities. This includes a discussion of the applicability of the Act to different decisionmaking scenarios.

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