41 CFR 102-33.375 - What is a FSCAP Criticality Code?

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§ 102-33.375 What is a FSCAP Criticality Code?

(a) A FSCAP Criticality Code is a code assigned by DOD to indicate the type of FSCAP: Code “F” indicates a standard FSCAP; Code “E” indicates a nuclear-hardened FSCAP.

(b) You must perpetuate a FSCAP Criticality Code on all property records and reports of excess. If the code is not annotated on the transfer document that you received when you acquired the part, you may contact the appropriate military service or query DOD's Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) using the National Stock Number (NSN) or the part number (see http://www.dlis.dla.mil/webflis). For assistance in subscribing to the FLIS service, contact the WebFLIS Consumer Support Office, 1-877-352-2255.