41 CFR 105-54.203-1 - Preparation of charters.

§ 105-54.203-1 Preparation of charters.

Each committee charter contains the following information:

(a) The committee's official designation;

(b) The committee's objectives and the scope of its activities;

(c) The period of time necessary for the committee to carry out its purpose (if the committee is intended to function as a standing advisory committee, this should be made clear);

(d) The official to whom the committee reports, including the official's name, title, and organization;

(e) The agency and office responsible for providing the necessary support for the committee;

(f) A description of the duties for which the committee is responsible (if the duties are not solely advisory, the statutory or Presidential authority for additional duties shall be specified);

(g) The estimated annual operating costs in dollars and person-years for the committee;

(h) The estimated number and frequency of committee meetings;

(i) The committee's termination date, if it is less than 2 years from the date of its establishment; and

(j) The date the charter is filed. This date is inserted by the GSA Committee Management Officer after the Administrator approves the charter.