41 CFR 105-54.302 - Committee records and reports.

§ 105-54.302 Committee records and reports.

(a) Subject to the Freedom of Information Act ( 5 U.S.C. 552), the records, reports, transcripts, minutes, appendixes, working papers, drafts, studies, agenda, or other documents that were available to or prepared for or by a GSA advisory committee are available (until the committee ceases to exist) for public inspection and copying in the office of the Government Chairperson or Designated Federal Officer. Requests to inspect or copy these records are processed under 41 CFR 105-60.4. Except where prohibited by a contract entered into before January 5, 1973, copies of transcripts, if any, of committee meetings are made available by the Government chairperson or Designated Federal Officer to any person at the cost of duplication. After the committee's work ends, disposition of the committee documents and the release of information from them are made in accordance with Federal records, statutes, and regulations.

(b) Subject to 5 U.S.C. 552(b) and instructions of the Committee Management Secretariat, the Government chairperson or Designated Federal Officer files at least eight copies of each report an advisory committee makes, including any report on closed meetings with the Library of Congress at the time of its issuance. Where appropriate, the chairperson also files copies of background papers that consultants to the advisory committee prepare with the Library of Congress. The transmittal letter identifies the materials being furnished, with a copy of the transmittal provided to the GSA Committee Management Officer.