41 CFR 105-54.308 - Responsibilities of the Administrator.

§ 105-54.308 Responsibilities of the Administrator.

The Administrator must ensure:

(a) Compliance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act and this chapter;

(b) Issuance of administrative guidelines and management controls that apply to all advisory committees established or used by the agency;

(c) Designation of a Committee Management Officer to carry out the functions specified in section 89(b) of the Federal Advisory Committee Act;

(d) Provision of a written determination stating the reasons for closing any advisory committee meeting to the public;

(e) A review, at least annually, of the need to continue each existing advisory committee, consistent with the public interest and the purpose and functions of each committee;

(f) The appointment of a Designated Federal Officer for each advisory committee and its subcommittee;

(g) The opportunity for reasonable public participation in advisory committee activities; and

(h) That the number of committee members is limited to the fewest necessary to accomplish committee objectives.