41 CFR § 105-60.201 - Description of records sought.

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§ 105-60.201 Description of records sought.

(a) Requesters shall describe the records sought in sufficient detail to enable GSA personnel to locate them with a reasonable amount of effort. To the extent possible, requesters should include the following information in their FOIA request, which may help GSA identify the requested records the date/timeframe the requested information was created or occurred, title or name, author, recipient, subject matter of the record, case number, file designation, contract number, leasing identification number, or reference number and if known, the component of GSA housing the records.

(b) Before submitting a FOIA request, requesters may contact the GSA FOIA Requester Service Center or GSA FOIA Public Liaison to discuss the records they seek and to receive assistance in describing the records. If after receiving a request, GSA determines that it does not reasonably describe the records sought, GSA shall inform the requester what additional information is needed or why the request is otherwise insufficient. Requesters who are attempting to reformulate or modify such a request may discuss their request with their assigned Government Information Specialist or FOIA Public Liaison. If a request does not reasonably describe the records sought, GSA's response to the request may be delayed.

(c) In order to efficiently respond to FOIA requests within the required 20-business-day timeframe per 5 U.S.C. 552(a)(6)(A), GSA may close an unperfected request 10 business days after GSA notifies the requester of the information needed to perfect the request. If the request does not reasonably describe the records sought, it is unperfected. A perfected FOIA request is a FOIA request for records that adequately describes the records sought, is made in accordance with GSA's regulations, has been received by the GSA FOIA Requester Service center, and for which there is no remaining question about the payment or amount of applicable fees.

(d) Requesters may specify whether they prefer to receive paper copies of the records or receive the records electronically. GSA shall accommodate the request if the record is readily reproducible in the requested form.

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