41 CFR 105-64.403 - What happens when I submit a request to amend a record?

§ 105-64.403 What happens when I submit a request to amend a record?

The system manager will consult with the Head of Service or Staff Office or Regional Administrator or their representatives, and legal counsel. They will determine whether to amend an existing record by comparing its accuracy, relevance, timeliness, and completeness with the amendment you propose. The system manager will notify you within 10 workdays whether your proposed amendment is approved or denied. In case of an expected delay, the system manager will acknowledge receipt of your request in writing and provide an estimate of when you may expect a decision. If your request to amend is approved, the system manager will amend the record and send an amended copy to you and to anyone who had previously received the record. If your request to amend is denied, the system manager will advise you in writing, giving the reason for denial, a proposed alternative amendment if possible, and your appeal rights. The system manager also will notify the GSA Privacy Act Officer of any request for amendment and its disposition. Any amendment to a record may involve a person's Official Personnel Folder (OPF). OPF regulations are governed by OPM regulations, including alternate amendments and appeals of denials, and not GSA regulations.