41 CFR § 105-8.153-2 - Requests from occupant agencies.

§ 105-8.153-2 Requests from occupant agencies.

(a) Upon receipt of an occupant agency's request for new space, additional space, relocation to accessible space, alterations, or other actions under GSA's control that are needed to ensure program accessibility in the requesting agency's program(s) as required by the agency's section 504 transition plan, GSA shall assist or advise the requesting agency in providing or arranging for the requested action within the timeframes specified in the requesting agency's transition plan.

(b) If the requested action cannot be completed within the time frame specified in an agency's transition plan, GSA shall so advise the requesting agency within 30 days of the request by submitting, after consultation with the agency, a revised schedule specifying the date by which the action shall be completed. If the delay in completing the action results in or continues the inaccessibility of the requesting agency's program, GSA and the agency shall, after consultation, take interim measures to make the agency's program accessible.

(c) If GSA determines that it is unable to take the requested action, GSA shall -

(1) Within 30 days, set forth in writing to the requesting agency the reasons for denying the agency's request, and

(2) Within 90 days, propose to the requesting agency other methods for making the agency's program accessible.

(d) Receipt of a copy of an occupant agency's transition plan under section 504 shall constitute notice to GSA of the requested actions in the transition plan and of the times frames which the actions are required to be completed.

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