41 CFR § 105-8.170-12 - Decision.

§ 105-8.170-12 Decision.

(a) The Special Counsel shall make the decision of the agency based on information in the investigative record and, if a hearing is held, on the hearing record. The decision shall be made within 60 days of receipt of the transmittal of the notice of appeal and investitive record pursuant to § 105-8.170-9(c) or after the period for filing exceptions ends, which ever is applicable. If the Special Counsel for Ethics and Civil Rights determines that he or she needs additional information from any party, he or she shall request the information and provide the other party or parties an opportunity to respond to that information. The Special Counsel shall have 60 days from receipt of the additional information to render the decision on the appeal. The Special Counsel shall transmit his or her decision by letter to the parties. The time limits established in this paragraph may be extended with the permission of the Assistant Attorney General. The decision shall set forth the findings, remedial action required, and reasons for the decision. If the decision is based on a hearing record, the Special Counsel shall consider the recommended decision of the ALJ and render a final decision based on the entire record. The Special Counsel may also remand the hearing record to the ALJ for a fuller development of the record.

(b) Any respondent required to take action under the terms of the decision of the agency shall do so promptly. The Official may require periodic compliance reports specifying -

(1) The manner in which compliance with the provisions of the decision has been achieved;

(2) The reasons any action required by the final decision has not yet been taken; and

(3) The steps being taken to ensure full compliance. The Official may retain responsibility for resolving disagreements that arise between the parties over interpretation fo the final agency decision or for specific adjudicatory decisions arising out of implementation.

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