41 CFR 109-28.000-51 - Storage guidelines.

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§ 109-28.000-51 Storage guidelines.

(a) Indoor storage areas should be arranged to obtain proper stock protection and maximum utilization of space within established floor load capacities.

(b) Storage yards for items not requiring covered protection shall be protected by locked fenced enclosures to the extent necessary to protect the Government's interest.

(c) Storage areas shall be prominently posted to clearly indicate that the property stored therein is U.S. Government property, with entrance to such areas restricted to authorized personnel only.

(d) Property in storage must be protected from fire, theft, deterioration, or destruction. In addition certain items require protection from dampness, heat, freezing, or extreme temperature changes. Other items must be stored away from light and odors, protected from vermin infestation, or stored separately because of their hazardous characteristics.

(e) Hazardous or contaminated property, including property having a history of use in an area where exposure to contaminated property may have occurred, shall not be commingled with non-contaminated property, but stored separately in accordance with instructions from the environmental, safety, and health officials.

(f) Unless inappropriate or impractical until declared excess, nuclear-related and proliferation-sensitive property shall be identified as such by use of a certification tag signed by an authorized program official (designated in writing with signature cards on file in the personal property management office). Such personal property shall not be commingled with other personal property, but stored separately in accordance with instructions from the cognizant program office.