41 CFR 128-1.5006-1 - Head of bureau.

§ 128-1.5006-1 Head of bureau.

The head of a bureau is responsible for establishing and administering a property management program within his respective operation which will provide for:

(a) The planning and scheduling of property requirements to assure that supplies, equipment, and space are readily available to satisfy program needs while minimizing operating costs and inventory levels.

(b) The creation and maintenance of complete, accurate inventory control and accountability record systems.

(c) The maximum utilization of available property for official purposes.

(d) The proper care and securing of property, to include storage, handling, preservation, and preventative maintenance.

(e) The identification of property excess to the needs of the bureau which must be made available to other Departmental activities and reported to GSA for transfer, donation, or disposal, as appropriate, under the provisions of the FPMR and JPMR.

(f) The submission of required property management reports.

(g) The conducting of periodic management reviews within the activity to assure compliance with prescribed policies, regulations, and procedures and to determine additional guidance or training needs.

(h) Advising all bureau employees of their responsibilities for Government property.

(i) Supporting general ledger control accounts for personal property by establishing subsidiary accounts and records as prescribed by the bureau in accordance with the provisions of DOJ Order 2110.1, Paragraph 4(b)(c).

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