41 CFR 128-1.5006-2 - Property management officer (PMO).

§ 128-1.5006-2 Property management officer (PMO).

The property management officer of a bureau is responsible for coordinating and conducting the activities of the personal property management program and for performing the following functions:

(a) Providing the required leadership, guidance, and operating procedures for personal property management functions.

(b) Ensuring general ledger control accounts for personal property are supported by property records in accordance with DOJ Order 2110.1, Paragraph 6.103b(4).

(c) Ensuring bureau compliance with the personal property management requirements of the FPMR and JPMR.

(d) Designating items of controlled personal property within the bureau.

(e) Ensuring records of controlled personal property are created and maintained by personnel other than property custodians.