41 CFR 301-52.2 - What information must I provide in my travel claim?

§ 301-52.2 What information must I provide in my travel claim?

You must provide the following:

(a) An itemized list of expenses and other information (specified in the listing of required standard data elements contained in appendix C of this chapter, and any additional information your agency may specifically require), except:

(1) You may aggregate official travel-related expenses incurred at the TDY location for authorized telephone calls, transit system fares, and parking meter fees, except any individual expenses costing over $75 must be listed separately;

(2) When you are authorized lodgings-plus per diem, you must state the M&IE allowance on a daily basis;

(3) When you are authorized a reduced per diem, you must state the reduced rate your agency authorizes on a daily basis; and

(4) When your agency limits M&IE reimbursement to the prescribed maximum M&IE for the locality concerned, you must state the reduced rate on a daily basis.

(5) Your agency may or may not require itemization of M&IE when reimbursement is limited to either the maximum M&IE locality rate or a reduced M&IE rate is authorized.

(b) The type of leave and the number of hours of leave for each day;

(c) The date of arrival and departure from the TDY station and any non-duty points visited when you travel by an indirect route other than a stopover to change planes or embark/disembark passengers;

(d) A signed statement, “I hereby assign to the United States any rights I may have against other parties in connection with any reimbursable carrier transportation charges described herein,” when you use cash to pay for common carrier transportation.

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