41 CFR § 50-201.4 - Statutory exemptions.

§ 50-201.4 Statutory exemptions.

Inclusion of the stipulations enumerated in § 50-201.1 is not required in the following instances:

(a) Where the contracting officer is authorized by the express language of a statute to purchase “in the open market”, or where a purchase of articles, supplies, materials or equipment, either in being or virtually so, is made without advertising for bids under circumstances bringing such purchase within the exception to the General Purchase Statute, R.S. 3709, that is, where immediate delivery is required by the public exigency.

(b) Where the contract relates to perishables, including dairy, livestock, and nursery products (“perishables” covers products subject to decay or spoilage and not products canned, salted, smoked, or otherwise preserved);

(c) Where the contract relates to agricultural or farm products processed for first sale by the original producers;

(d) Where the contract is by the Secretary of Agriculture for the purchase of agricultural commodities or the products thereof;

(e) Where the contract is with a common carrier for carriage of freight or personnel by vessel, airplane, bus, truck, express, or railway line, where published tariff rates are in effect;

(f) Where the contract is for the furnishing of service by radio, telephone, telegraph, or cable companies, subject to the Federal Communications Act of 1934 (48 Stat. 1064 as amended; 47 U.S.C. chapter 5).

[Regs. 504, 1 FR 1626, Sept. 19, 1936, as amended at 9 FR 8347, July 22, 1944. Redesignated at 24 FR 10952, Dec. 30, 1959, and further redesignated at 61 FR 40716, Aug. 5, 1996]

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