41 CFR § 50-201.501 - Records of employment.

§ 50-201.501 Records of employment.

Every contractor subject to the provisions of the act and this part shall maintain the following records of employment which shall be available for the inspection and transcription of authorized representatives of the Secretary of Labor:

(a) Name, address, sex, and occupation of each employee covered by the contract stipulations;

(b) Date of birth of each employee under 19 years of age; and if the employer has obtained a certificate of age as provided in § 50-201.105, there shall also be recorded the title and address of the office issuing such certificate, the number of the certificate, if any, the date of its issuance, and the name, address and date of birth of the minor, as the same appears on the certificate of age;

(c) Wage-and-hour records for each such employee including the rate of wages and the amount paid each pay period, the hours worked each day and each week, and the period during which each such employee was engaged on a Government contract with the number of such contract. Compliance with this paragraph shall be deemed complete if wage-and-hour records for all employees in the plant are maintained during the period between the award of any Government contract and the date of delivery of the materials, supplies, articles, or equipment: Provided, That where no separate records for employees engaged on Government contracts are maintained, it shall be presumed until affirmative proof is present to the contrary that all employees in the plant, from the date of award of any such contract until the date of delivery of the materials, supplies, articles or equipment, were engaged on such Government contract;

(d) The records required by paragraphs (a), (b), and (c) of this section shall be kept on file for at least 3 years from their last date of entry;

(e) Basic employment and earnings records: All basic time and earning cards or sheets of the employer on which are entered the daily starting and stopping time of individual employees or of separate work forces, or the individual employees' daily, weekly, or pay period amounts of work accomplished (for example, units produced) when those amounts determine in whole or in part the pay period earnings or wages of those employees;

(f) Wage rate tables: All tables or schedules of the employer which provide the piece rates or other rates used in computing straight-time earnings, wages or salary, or overtime excess compensation;

(g) Work time schedules: All schedules or tables of the employer which establish the hours and days of employment of individual employees or of separate work forces;

(h) The records required by paragraphs (e), (f), and (g) of this section shall be kept on file at least 2 years from their last date of entry or their last effective date whichever is later.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 1215-0017)
[7 FR 7949, Oct. 7, 1942, as amended at 13 FR 5440, Sept. 17, 1948; 23 FR 2573, Apr. 18, 1958. Redesignated at 24 FR 10952, Dec. 30, 1959, and amended at 47 FR 145, Jan. 5, 1982]

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