41 CFR § 50-201.603 - Full administrative exemptions.

§ 50-201.603 Full administrative exemptions.

The following classes of contracts have been exempted from the application of § 50-201.1 pursuant to the procedure required under section 6 of the act:

(a) Contracts for public utility services including electric light and power, water, steam, and gas;

(b) Contracts for materials, supplies, articles, or equipment no part of which will be manufactured or furnished within the geographic limits of the States of the United States of America, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, or the District of Columbia: In addition, the representations and stipulations required by the act and this part in any contract for materials, supplies, articles, or equipment to be manufactured or furnished in part within and in part outside such geographic limits shall not be applicable to any work performed under the contract outside such geographic limits;

(c) Contracts covering purchases against the account of a defaulting contractor where the stipulations required in this section were not included in the defaulted contract;

(d) Contracts awarded to sales' agents or publisher representatives, for the delivery of newspapers, magazines or periodicals by the publishers thereof.

[25 FR 12553, Dec. 8, 1960]

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