41 CFR 51-8.12 - Fee schedule.

§ 51-8.12 Fee schedule.

(a) This schedule sets forth fees to be charged for processing requests for records under the FOIA. No higher fees or charges in addition to those provided for in this schedule may be charged a party requesting records under FOIA.

(b) Subject to the criteria set forth in § 51-8.13, fees may be assessed under FOIA on all requests involving document search, duplication, and review. Fees may also be charged in situations involving special service to requests, such as certifying that records requested are true copies, or sending records by special methods such as express mail, etc.

(c) Instances in which fees may not be charged are as follows:

(1) No charge shall be made for the first 100 pages of duplicated information (8 1/2″ × 14″ or smaller-size paper), or the first two hours of manual search time, or the first two minutes of computer search time, except on requests seeking documents for a commercial use, as specified in § 51-8.13;

(2) Also, no charge shall be made - even to commercial use requesters - if the cost of collecting a fee would be equal to or greater than the fee itself;

(3) In addition, fees shall not be charged for time spent by an agency employee in resolving legal or policy issues, or in monitoring a requester's inspection of agency records;

(4) Documents shall also be furnished without charge when members of the public provide their own copying equipment, in which case no copying fee will be charged (although search and review fees may still be assessed).

(d) Fees for records and related services are as follows:

(1) The fee for photocopies of pages 8 1/2″ × 14″ or smaller shall be $0.20 for each page;

(2) The fee for photocopies larger than 8 1/2″ × 14″ shall be $0.50 per linear foot of the longest side of the copy;

(3) The fee for other forms of duplicated information, such as microfilm, audio-visual materials, or machine-readable documentation (i.e., magnetic tape or disk) shall be the actual direct cost of producing the document(s);

(4) Manual searches shall be charged at the salary rate of the employee conducting the search, plus 16 percent of the employee's basic pay.

(e) Computer searches and services shall be charged at the rate of $22.00 per minute. The $22.00-per-minute rate includes the cost of operating the central processing unit (CPU), and the computer operator's salary. When the services of a computer programmer or a computer program analyst are required in connection with an FOIA request, the fee for those services shall be $16.00 and $20.00 per hour, respectively.

(f) Charges for unsuccessful searches, or searches which fail to locate records or which locate records which are exempt from disclosure, shall be assessed at the same fee rate as searches which result in disclosure of records.

(g) The fee for providing review services shall be the hourly salary rate (i.e., basic pay plus 16 percent) of the employee conducting the review to determine whether any information is exempt from mandatory disclosure.