41 CFR 51-9.402 - Review of requests to amend records.

§ 51-9.402 Review of requests to amend records.

(a) Upon receipt of a request to amend a record, the responsible official, whenever practicable shall complete the review and advise the individual of the results within ten working days. If a determination cannot be made within ten working days, the Executive Director, within ten working days, shall send the individual a written acknowledgment of receipt of the request including a description of the request and the date when the requester may except to be advised of action taken on the request. Except in unusual circumstances, the Executive Director shall complete the review within 30 working days. In unusual circumstances, causing delay beyond the 30 day limit, the Executive Director shall inform the individual in writing of the cause of delay, the actions taken to review the record, and the date the Executive Director anticipates the review to be complete.

(b) When reviewing a record in response to a request to amend, the Executive Director shall assess the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, and completeness of the record to ensure fairness to the individual in any determination made on the basis of the record. With respect to a request to delete information, the Executive Director also shall review the request and record to determine whether the information is relevant and necessary to accomplish an agency purpose required to be accomplished by law or Executive Order.