41 CFR § 60-30.19 - Objections; exceptions; offer of proof.

§ 60-30.19 Objections; exceptions; offer of proof.

(a) Objections. If a party objects to the admission or rejection of any evidence or to the limitation of the scope of any examination or cross-examination or the failure to limit such scope, he shall state briefly the grounds for such objection. Rulings on all objections shall appear in the record. Only objections made on the record may be relied upon subsequently in the proceedings.

(b) Exceptions. Formal exception to an adverse ruling is not required. Rulings by the Administrative Law Judge shall not be appealed prior to the transfer of the case to the Secretary, but shall be considered by the Secretary upon filing exceptions to the Administrative Law Judge's recommendations and conclusions.

(c) Offer of proof. An offer of proof made in connection with an objection taken to any ruling excluding proffered oral testimony shall consist of a statement of the substance of the evidence which counsel contends would be adduced by such testimony; and, if the excluded evidence consists of evidence in written form or consists of reference to documents, a copy of such evidence shall be marked for identification and shall accompany the record as the offer of proof.

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