41 CFR § 60-4.1 - Scope and application.

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§ 60-4.1 Scope and application.

This part applies to all contractors and subcontractors which hold any Federal or federally assisted construction contract in excess of $10,000. The regulations in this part are applicable to all of a construction contractor's or subcontractor's construction employees who are engaged in on site contruction including those construction employees who work on a non-Federal or nonfederally assisted construction site. This part also establishes procedures which all Federal contracting officers and all applicants, as applicable, shall follow in soliciting for and awarding Federal or federally assisted construction contracts. Procedures also are established which administering agencies shall follow in making any grant, contract, loan, insurance, or guarantee involving federally assisted construction which is not exempt from the requirements of Executive Order 11246, as amended.

In addition, this part applies to construction work performed by construction contractors and subcontractors for Federal nonconstruction contractors and subcontractors if the construction work is necessary in whole or in part to the performance of a nonconstruction contract or subcontract.
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