41 CFR Subpart A - Subpart A—General Rules

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  1. § 301-11.1 When am I eligible for an allowance (per diem or actual expense)?
  2. § 301-11.2 Will I be reimbursed for per diem expenses if my official travel is 12 hours or less?
  3. § 301-11.3 Must my agency pay an allowance (either a per diem allowance or actual expense)?
  4. § 301-11.4 May I be reimbursed actual expense and per diem on the same trip?
  5. § 301-11.5 How will my per diem expenses be reimbursed?
  6. § 301-11.6 Where do I find maximum per diem and actual expense rates?
  7. § 301-11.7 What determines my maximum per diem reimbursement rate?
  8. § 301-11.8 What is the maximum per diem rate I will receive if lodging is not available at my TDY location?
  9. § 301-11.9 When does per diem or actual expense entitlement start/stop?
  10. § 301-11.10 Am I required to record departure/arrival dates and times on my travel claim?
  11. § 301-11.11 How do I select lodging and make lodging reservations?
  12. § 301-11.12 How does the type of lodging I select affect my reimbursement?
  13. § 301-11.13 How does sharing a room with another person affect my per diem reimbursement?
  14. § 301-11.14 How is my daily lodging rate computed when I rent lodging on a long-term basis?
  15. § 301-11.15 What expenses may be considered part of the daily lodging cost when I rent on a long-term basis?
  16. § 301-11.16 What reimbursement will I receive if I prepay my lodging expenses and my TDY is curtailed, canceled or interrupted for official purposes or for other reasons beyond my control that are acceptable to my agency?
  17. § 301-11.17 If my agency authorizes per diem reimbursement, will it reduce my M&IE allowance for a meal(s) provided by a common carrier or for a complimentary meal(s) provided by a hotel/motel?
  18. § 301-11.18 What M&IE rate will I receive if a meal(s) is furnished by the Government or is included in the registration fee?
  19. § 301-11.19 How is my per diem calculated when I travel across the international dateline (IDL)?
  20. § 301-11.20 May my agency authorize a rest period for me while I am traveling?
  21. § 301-11.21 Will I be reimbursed for per diem or actual expenses on leave or non-workdays (weekend, legal Federal Government holiday, or other scheduled non-workdays) while I am on official travel?
  22. § 301-11.22 Am I entitled to per diem or actual expense reimbursement if I am required to return to my official station on a non-workday?
  23. § 301-11.23 Are there any other circumstances when my agency may reimburse me to return home or to my official station for non-workdays during a TDY assignment?
  24. § 301-11.24 What reimbursement will I receive if I voluntarily return home or to my official station on non-workdays during my TDY assignment?
  25. § 301-11.25 Must I provide receipts to substantiate my claimed travel expenses?
  26. § 301-11.26 How do I request a review of the per diem in a location?
  27. § 301-11.27 Are taxes included in the lodging portion of the Government per diem rate?
  28. § 301-11.28 As a traveler on official business, am I required to pay applicable lodging taxes?
  29. § 301-11.29 Are lodging facilities required to accept a generic federal, state or local tax exempt certificate?
  30. § 301-11.30 What is my option if the Government lodging rate exceeds my lodging reimbursement?
  31. § 301-11.31 Are laundry, cleaning and pressing of clothing expenses reimbursable?
  32. § 301-11.32 May I be reimbursed for an advance room deposit in situations where a lodging facility requires the payment of a deposit, prior to the beginning of my scheduled official travel?